The Digital Agriculture Platform to

leverage sustainability
monitor real time in-field weather and soil conditions
help farmers make data-driven solution
increase climate resilience


Sonali Agri is the Digital Agriculture Platform to bring transparency and traceability to value chains.


Having high quality information to support decision making is what differs the best growers from the average. We enable you to make data-driven decisions to increase crop quality and profitability.

Connects Farm

We collect in-field data on each plot, even in areas with no internet or cellular coverage.

Information at fingertips

Do you need information regarding planting, harvesting or irrigation? Have all the weather and crop information you need on your hands to take decisions with confidence.

Support & Reports

Our customer support is allow growers to get the greatest results from our services. Our growers count with weekly follow-up calls with specialists and reports to understand the performance of their production and monitored conditions.


Our team goes to your farm, performs hydric-physical soil analysis, parameterize according to the crop and installation, ensuring maximum quality without generating headache for you.


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Our Advisors

Highly experienced and professional advisors are always with Sonali Agri for technological and business consultation.

Shaniur Alam Jony

Shaniur Alam Jony

Director, LM Ericsson, Europe
CEO, Youth Carnival
Md. Golam Kibria

Dr. M.G. Kibria

Assistant Professor, University of Calgary
Md. Shahin Alam

Dr. Md. Shahin Alam

Scientist, Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute
Nahian Al Abdullah

Abdullah Al Nahian

Aerospace Design Engineer

Our Team

Highly professional and experienced team members are dedicated for the growth of Sonali Agri for the development of agriculture and technology in Bangladesh.

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